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YCCFAN was founded in 2011 and located in Shenzhen of China.Since we established, we are always focusing on the R&D,production and selling the cooling fans,and committed to becoming the best brand in Chinese cooling fan industry.


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    Since 2014,YCCFAN made a new product design concept:'Best Price Best Quality',and we palned to develop a new bearing system which same as sleeve bearing price and dual ball bearing quality,meanwhile solved the noise issue.After 3 years efforts and experiments,finally we developed the 'CycleSeal Beraing System'.The products with CycleSeal bearing had been widely used in strict standard automotive firstly,and got good feedback from customers. CycleSeal is a kind of Bearing System that combination by a variety of high-quality materials,keep grease cycled working in a sealed space to extended the product's lifetime.
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