Elevate Cooling Solutions with Yccfan: Your Trusted Cooling Fan Manufacturer

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Welcome to Yccfan, your premier cooling fan manufacturer dedicated to setting the industry standard for quality and performance. We take pride in crafting cutting-edge cooling solutions using premium materials such as aluminum alloy and glass fiber reinforced plastic. With features like shaded pole motor construction and impedance protection, Yccfan ensures that our cooling fans deliver exceptional reliability and efficiency in various applications.


Superior Materials for Enhanced Durability

At Yccfan, we prioritize excellence in our cooling fan designs by incorporating high-quality materials. Our cooling fans feature an outer frame made of robust aluminum alloy, providing durability and efficient heat dissipation. Complementing this, the fan blade is constructed from PBT UL94V-0 rated glass fiber reinforced plastic, ensuring reliable airflow performance and resistance to heat, making our fans an ideal choice for demanding cooling requirements.


Innovative Shaded Pole Motor Technology

Yccfan stands out for its innovative approach to cooling fan construction, notably through the use of shaded pole motor technology. This advanced motor design offers several benefits, including energy efficiency, smooth operation, and increased reliability. The shaded pole motor in our cooling fans ensures a consistent and stable airflow, contributing to effective cooling solutions for a wide range of applications, from electronics to industrial equipment.


Enhanced Safety with Impedance Protection

Impedance protection is a feature that is included in our cooling fans because Yccfan places a high focus on safety. This feature assists to protect the fan as well as the equipment that is attached to it from any potential electrical problems that may arise, in addition to giving an additional layer of security and reliability. We ensure that our cooling fans function safely, efficiently, and reliably under a variety of scenarios by building impedance protection into them. This not only promotes a secure cooling environment for your precious equipment and systems, but it also offers a reliable cooling environment.



We are your go-to source for top-of-the-line cooling solutions that combine innovation, quality, and safety. As a trusted cooling fan manufacturer, we pride ourselves on utilizing premium materials like aluminum alloy and glass fiber reinforced plastic to create durable and efficient cooling fans that meet the highest standards. With features such as shaded pole motor construction and impedance protection, Yccfan cooling fans offer superior performance and reliability across a diverse range of applications. Trust us to elevate your cooling needs and provide you with exceptional cooling solutions for your business or personal use.